Earn While you learn


About the Program

  "E.W.Y.L." - "Earn While You Learn" is just as it sounds. The girls and guys earn the clothing, formula, diapers, cribs, dressers, highchairs, strollers and vouchers to purchase car seats by watching videos and reading brochures.   

There are two very good reasons for this approach.  

  • First, it teaches responsibility to show up for appointments and appreciation for what they have earned. 
  • Secondly, and most importantly, it gives us the chance to show them Christ centered information on parenting, sexual integrity, and Jesus Christ.

  We then go over questions provided for each video which can open up discussion of a spiritual nature.  The most exciting part is that we are able to share Christ with these young people and help be a witness to this important need in their lives. 

   Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide our words in these times. The staff opens in prayer together each day and asks the Holy Spirit for this very thing  

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